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In the fashion world, watches are to men what handbags are to women. Art. Arm candy. Style, status, taste. With men’s fashion on the rise, these timeless luxury brands are the perfect element that ties together an ensemble.

An Hublot (seen in the photos below of Mariano Divaio at New York Fashion Week), has been a timeless piece since the late 1800s. Don’t be fooled by the famous neutrality of the brand’s home country of Switzerland; these watches take a stance, command attention, and cannot be obtained for a meager sum.

While IWC was becoming established in the Swiss Alps, Officine Panerai designed and produced their first line of watches in Italy. World War I and II submarine divers relied on the Panerai design when at sea. These days, vintage—history, style and quality—costs a premium, and these watches are considered a luxury for a reason.

Because with any fine maker of luxury watches, you always have a piece of art—pure taste and high-style—on your wrist.

-Mangue Banzima

Mangue Banzima is the creator of Qui Style and can be found in the social realm under the same moniker: @quistyle. All photos by Mangue Banzima

Photo by Mangue Banzima -

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