Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph

In a world before quartz watches, ships relied on so-called marine chronometers – extremely complicated maritime clocks, built for the sea and accurate enough to determine longitude by means of celestial navigation. Marine chronometers were essential for sailors to navigate the open waters. Ulysse Nardin carry their awe-inspiring past into the present and the future, designing complicated wristwatches with a delightful naval theme. Now, nearly 170 years later, the modern reinvention of this classic timepiece with a proprietary in-house movement still embodies Ulysse Nardin’s vision of “innovation, reliability, and high precision.”

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Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph Manufacture

In 2013 Ulysse Nardin has begun producing their own in-house made chronograph movements with the caliber UN-150, adding to their roster of in-house movements and serving as a base for the Marine Chronograph Manufacture watch collection. With a limited edition model featuring an in-house made enamel, as well as a broad range of standard models, the caliber UN-150 sees a full deployment in the Marine watch collection for this year.

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