The Press is Enthusiastic, too.

It’s been a sensational month here at Eleven James. From CNBC to Inside Hook to the New York Post and beyond, the media’s abuzz about our new Enthusiast Collection, and we’re feeling pretty buzzy about it, too.

First up, our very own Randy Brandoff sat down with the folks over at CNBC’s Squawk Alley to talk Enthusiast, Rolex, the Apple Watch, and more. Here’s a bit of their conversation (or check it out over at


Our good friends at Inside Hook shared the new Collection with its subscribers, tipping them off on “How to Rent a Rolex.” As the gents at IH say, “The tickers you’ll get your hands on are as high-end as they come.”



Over at, we received a lengthy write-up covering both the Enthusiast Collection and our tremendous growth over the last year. Their verdict: “Eleven James appears to be growing steadily with positive customer experiences and a quickly growing inventory of timepieces … For watch enthusiasts curious about the benefits of Eleven James, I’d say that while the company is still growing and evolving, they’ve proven themselves enough to merit serious attention and inquiry, as the idea of trying out a lot of watches without having to first buy them can be very appealing.” Read the full article!


The New York Post got straight to the point with their article’s opening line: “If you can afford your daily Starbucks, you can afford to rent a blingy wristwatch.” Read their stellar piece here.



And didn’t beat around the bush either: “Eleven James Helps You Look Like A Baller Without Breaking The Bank” reads the title of their article (and we happen to agree enthusiastically). Read it in full here.


Industry caller Luxury Daily got in on the action, too, with a fine write-up on the Enthusiast launch. Read all about it here! And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out LD’s interview from last year with our man Randy.

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