Spotted Pig reservations: Get yours

In case you didn’t already know, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Manhattan’s first true gastropub, the beloved—and perennially packed— Spotted Pig will be accepting reservations for the first time ever for dinner service on May 19 through June 2.

But you didn’t think this would be an easy get, did you? Demand for these coveted seats crashed both the Spotted Pig website and its OpenTable listing almost immediately after opening their digital doors. But we’re here to tell you who does have your reservation, no teeth-gnashing or garment-rending required: Our friends at Today’s Epicure.

Eleven James members have insider access to Today’s Epicure’s august selection of impossible-to-get tables. Contact our Concierge to find out how to get yours. Or just cruise over to Today’s Epicure and join the society of too-connected-to-be-true eaters—in addition to the adoration of your peers, you’ll be rewarded with some fine Eleven James benefits, to boot.

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