Simple Skincare to the Rescue

Okay readers, you read our summer skincare guide back in June, but now it’s time to change it up. Colder, drier air, holiday stresses, and the ordeal of air travel are about to do a whole other number on your face, and this time we have a super-simple, super-effective regimen that may just fix your weary mug for good. (Oh, and also an exclusive discount to make it even easier to get!)

Born of the eternal quest for high-quality, natural, scientifically-proven skin care that actually works (and doesn’t feel like a part-time job), RESCUE Skincare is based on preventive and regenerative cellular technology. That’s derma-science-speak for “skincare based on skin science.”

RESCUE Skincare

You see, inquisitive readers, the labcoats at RESCUE made the profound discovery that they could harness the power of adult stem cell derivative MDFc19 (the key active ingredient in their products) to aid in the promotion of dermal skin cell production. By going straight to the source of skin growth, RESCUE works in the dermis to help naturally increase dermal fibroblast (the latticework of the skin’s surface) which in turn helps to stimulate more collagen production—collagen being the structural protein that gives our skin that healthy suppleness when we’re young but declines in production as we age. The philosophy of the RESCUE line is that when skincare focuses on what goes on beneath the skin, rather than just fighting the nasties that attack its surface, your skin starts to correct itself, effectively nullifying those concerns about surface nasties.

So here’s the skinny. The RESCUE family is comprised of two key products: Serum + Moisturizer. After cleansing with the product of your choice, apply the serum to stimulate cellular turnover and collagen production. If your skin runs on the dry side, chase the serum with the moisturizer for an added punch of dermal support. As the product works its magic over time, you may even find the need for cleansing diminishing. And since it’s based on universal skin science, rather than gender-specific complexion concerns, it’s unisex&meaning you and your partner can stock up and share!

Even better, it comes in hygienic, single-use, packets that are specifically designed for your highly mobile lifestyle, allowing you to use the product when you need it&while traveling (take that, TSA!), after the gym, in the car, or at work. We honestly can’t wait for our next opportunity to fly the friendly skies with these easy-peasy little packets.

It gets even better!

As a special offer for Style Compass readers, Rescue Skincare is offering a 20% discount on purchases made on! Just use promo code elevenjames and get your mug in tip top shape for fall, and for always!

RESCUE Skincare

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