Panerai Luminor 441

The Luminor Marina 441 is constructed with a ceramic case in matte black. Unlike other Luminors, the 441 is numerated on the dial and has slightly smaller features. Nevertheless, it brings a bold sense of character to the series.

High tech Ceramic was introduced in 1982 by RADO. It starts out as a powder and goes through seven steps to transform into the lightweight, anti-microbial, scratch-proof surface you see on the watch—a material that is also used as the heat-shield on the space shuttle and to coat ball-and-socket replacement joints.

Take a sharp metal kitchen knife and try to scratch the ceramic construction—you can’t. The ONLY things that can scratch this high-tech ceramic surface are other ceramics and diamonds.

Most all ceramic watch bracelets and cases are manufactured by Comadur, a factory owned by the Swatch Group. They make the bracelets for Rado, Chanel, Dior (relatively recent entrants into the ceramic territory but as a result, sales of the entire category have catapulted). Now men’s watches are featuring this unique component across the board. Along with carbon fibre and a few other alloys, cermaics are a hot commodity in horology, though it has been in use in high technology for 30 years.

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