OneHope: Give Merry while giving back

This holiday season, we’re pleased to introduce you to ONEHOPE, one of the finest one-stop shops we know of for exactly the kinds of gifts we ought to be giving right now—gifts that are delicious, elegant, celebratory, and actually do some good in this world.

ONEHOPE offers wine, coffee, specialty foods, and a plethora of gifting options, all attached to an array of charitable causes. From the ASPCA to the United Nations World Food Programme to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and plenty of highly worthy causes in between, ONEHOPE offers something to satisfy every craving and soothe any generous soul.

You can browse their impressive and tasty selection by cause, category, or price point, and for corporate gifters, you can even have the gift customized with your logo.

So if you’ve been feeling the need to make your everyday life a little more meaningful as you attend holiday parties, buy gifts for your family, or make your annual corporate gifting decisions choices, ONEHOPE is truly the last word on gifting with greater intent. Find out more now »

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