Meet Deron Williams

For this installment of our Member profiles series, we’d like to introduce you to Deron Williams—Brooklyn Nets point guard, three-time NBA All-Star, Olympic gold medalist, and a dude who can wear the hell out of a fine timepiece. A man of style, strength, and substance, the longtime friend of Eleven James sat down with us to talk NBA fashion, quiet time with the family, and, of course, watches.

Deron Williams
Undeniably boss in a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980-1A

Eleven James: Do you think there are any trends or preferences that are unique the sports world?

Deron Williams: Absolutely. With everything comes change and imitation. I remember when guys used to where diamond embellished Jacob & Co. watches and would constantly try to outdo one another. Now it’s more about value, history, and quality than anything. Less is more, subtle is chic. This also came with the NBA’s attire policies that have changed over the years. As guys begin to wear suits more frequently, they are classing up their watch collections as well.

EJ: Most people know you on the court; how would you describe your style out of your Nets uniform?

DW: I’m very into style off the court. Whether it’s suits and business attire, or sneakers and tee shirts—I try and find things that are unique to my style. Not necessarily into all the trends everyone follows, as I like to do my own thing.

EJ: What would we find you doing on days when you’re not playing basketball?

DW: Days when I am not playing basketball, I am usually spending time with my children. Obviously being on the road so frequently takes a toll on time, so I do my best to spend as much of my free time with them as possible. Whether that be working on homework, watching movies, going to the park, or even just hanging out at home, I appreciate all the time I spend with them. I also enjoy golfing—my second favorite sport. Summertime, or while on the road, I always try to get a round in at the course.

Deron Williams

EJ: A lot of basketball players seem to love luxury watches; why do you suppose that is?

DW: I think watches can really make an outfit—and is also a place where a guy can show his true sense of fashion or edginess, outside of the suit. Accessories give personality to style, I believe watches are just as important as ties and belts. It’s about the complete look and making a look your own.

EJ: How have you incorporated your Eleven James membership into your style routines?

DW: To maximize membership, I actively try to incorporate my Eleven James watch into my style routine. I choose a watch—each time—that I know I will be able to wear with the most outfits so I can get a real sense of it.

EJ: Do you have an existing watch collection? If so, what peaked your interest about Eleven James?

DW: I do have an existing watch collection. I think the beauty of Eleven James comes with the ability to have more diversity, as well as that capability for a fraction of the cost of buying. Not that I won’t continue to build my own collection, but Eleven James not only provides me the opportunity to wear and experience watches I haven’t tried. This also serves as sampling for watches that I would like to add to my arsenal.

Deron examines some new Eleven James options with our own Randy Brandoff
Deron examines some new Eleven James options with our own Randy Brandoff

Deron is pictured at top and above right in a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph, available in our Aficionado Collection.

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