Meet Brent Handler

For this installment of our Member profiles series, we’d like to introduce you to Brent Handler, entrepreneur and pioneer of the destination club industry. In 2002, Brent and his brother Brad founded Exclusive Resorts, where Brent served as the company’s president from 2002 to 2009, amassing more than $1 billion in real estate assets, delivering tens of thousands of vacations to members worldwide, and setting the standard for the burgeoning destination club industry. In January 2011, convinced he could improve on the model he helped establish, Brent, Brad, and their partners launched Inspirato, providing luxury travelers the opportunity to enjoy the space and comfort of a private vacation home combined with the five-star service of high-end resorts, but without the six-figure, upfront fees common in the industry.

Eleven James: Where do you love to travel to?

Brent Handler: One of my favorite places is Vail, I go there with my family a lot. And Costa Rica is amazing.

EJ: Tell us about the line of work you’re you in?

BH: I’m an entrepreneur in the luxury travel industry and the founder and CEO of Inspirato, the world’s largest destination club.

EJ: Why did you join Eleven James?

BH: I never really considered myself a “watch guy.” I’ve owned a Cartier for about ten years and wore it every day. I never even considered buying another watch. When I heard about Eleven James it made immense sense to me. I now get a new watch every 60 days, and if I fall in love with one I can buy it knowing that I’ll get good use out of it, since I’ve already had a chance to try it out.

EJ: How did you hear about Eleven James?

BH: I heard about Eleven James from several friends who had become Members and had great things to say about it.

EJ: How many watches do you own?

BH: I own two watches—one that I bought from Eleven James and my Cartier that I’ve had for over ten years.

EJ: Whats been your favorite watch to date?

BH: I loved the Cartier Diver’s watch. Took all of my will power not to buy it!

EJ: What’s on your wish list for 2015?

BH: I would love to try a Panerai. A few other guys in my office that are also Eleven James Members have had them and they really caught my eye…

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