IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black Series

IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black SeriesThe IWC Ingenieur AMG Black Series is pretty much the horological equivalent of the high performance cars that inspired it—a watch taken to “11” thanks to the tinkering of a dedicated group of engineers who enjoy pushing the boundaries of what’s considered possible.

In this particular instance, the storied IWC Ingenieur, which heretofore has existed in steel and titanium variants, has been reimagined by IWC’s watchmakers with a hi-tech ceramic case that lends a sinister air to the proceedings. This material, the technical term for which is zirconium oxide, is one of the hardest known to man, and is all but scratch-proof. Couple this with sapphire crystal display back, which showcases the beautiful in-house calibre 80110 movement, and you have a perfect paradox of a timepiece—beauty and brawn in equal measure.

IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black SeriesThanks to the ceramic case, the Ingenieur AMG Black Series wears light on the wrist, particularly for a 46mm diameter watch, and the alternating polished and matte surfaces create a wonderful interplay of light and reflections. This is the beautiful part of the equation. The brawn comes in the form of a movement that was designed specifically from the ground up to shrug off hard knocks thanks to a spring-mounted central rotor and shock-absorbing Delrin composite pads. The case itself itself is pressure-proof to 12bar, and the rugged textile strap won’t let you down when the G-forces rise.

The IWC Ingenieur AMG Black Series may have been designed with the Nürburgring in mind, but it is equally at home behind the wheel during a rush hour commute or a slog to the local mall. Whether you’re hot shoeing hairpins on track day or making a dash to the local 7 Eleven for for milk and eggs, this watch has you covered.

Photos courtesy of IWC

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