In Which We Experience the Weitz Effect

You may not know it if you’ve been in New York this week, but it’s summer, folks. And summer brings with it a slew of sartorial decision-making—both of the purely aesthetic variety and of urgent necessity (read: “God damn it’s hot up in this garden party!”).

Andrew WeitzTo help you conquer some of those summer style challenges, we turn to style consultant Andrew Weitz for some essential style tips. To call Mr. Weitz a stylist with a whole-person methodology would be to understate his venerable fashion expertise; to call him a style-centric life coach would only barely ascribe the impact of his consult on his clients’ lives. As CEO of The Weitz Effect, Andrew makes serious business of helping people realize their fullest potential through the discovery and expression of their personal style.

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If you buy just one piece this summer…

Let’s start with one of Andrew’s essential summer staples: the blue blazer. An investment-worthy piece that can be dressed up or down to suit nearly any occasion, it will serve you well all summer long. And with all manner of breathable, natural fabrics available, throw your blazer on over a crisp white-button down or a patterned polo, and you’re halfway to a perfect outfit.

A few of Andrew’s favorites below, from left to right: Blue Trofeo Wool/Silk Blazer by Zegna ($2,895), Nigel Herringbone Sport Coat by Ralph Lauren ($1,595), Washington Blue Plain Jacket by Suit Supply ($399).

Blazers by Zegna, Ralph Lauren, Suit Supply

Gentlemen, let’s see those stems

Men get precious few opportunities to show skin with dignity, and summer brings one of our favorite fashion reveals—the exposed male ankle. Cast your socks to the wind! Cuff those oppressive pant hems! But to ensure you pull this off without looking like you’ve rolled out of a frat house, we turn to Mr. Weitz’s sage guidance.

For a bold approach to a shortened hem, Andrew styles the fashion-forward in an ultra-slim pant, hemmed about 0.5″-1″ above the ankle, creating a prominent—and confident—reveal (Gucci wins the day on this). Pair with a designer loafer, and you’ve announced your fashion prowess to the world.

If you’re not down to expose so much gam, opt for a slim pant whose hem sits just atop the tongue of your shoe, which you can cuff or not. Either way, the bit of ankle that’s visible when you’re seated or walking is just enough to exude a confident energy—and that always looks good.

Gentlemen, let's see those stems

If you’re feeling liberated enough to cuff your suit pants, Andrew advises that this look is best applied to a linen, cotton, or unconstructed suit. But please ditch the look when attending formal and/or evening events, particularly those indoors—even in summer, we all have to show skin discretion sometimes.

Oh, and don’t forget, you’re not actually not wearing socks. As Andrew warns, “No one should be wearing zero socks with their shoes,” so get thee some no-show liner socks and spare your shoes (and yourself) the smelly consequences.

While we’re gazing downward…

Your shoes are highlighted when your pant hems come up, so make your footwear count. Andrew reminds us that brown shoes are the wise choice for your blue blazer, recommending a pair of loafers such as these from Tods, or a timeless wingtip like these Tom Fords with a suit, which will keep you flush with compliments to last year-round.

Among summer’s many gifts is that its inherently more casual style affords you the opportunity to pair sneakers with dress pants—a Weitz-approved fashion choice. But even if that’s not your style, you could probably stand to up your trainer game anyway. Andrew recommends you do so with some sleek Prada tennis shoes or these understated Lanvins.

Shoes by Tom Ford, Tods, and Prada

About that watch

Summer, by design and necessity, is a time to lighten up, and that goes for your watch, too. An ardent watch maven, Andrew hails summer as a great time to go vintage, and vintage watches are typically smaller, thinner, and lighter. In the climate and fashion of summer, this nugget of Weitz’s wisdom rings truer than ever “Don’t let your timepiece wear you; you wear the timepiece.”

So whether you’re an Hublot man, an aspiring pilot, or just have a penchant for the weight of a GMT, give those big guys a rest and bask in the shimmer of a JLC, the elegance of a Cartier, or the timeless lines of a Lange. Better yet, acquaint yourself with Eleven James’ Enthusiast Collection, where our largest collection of vintage watches lives.

Watches by Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, and A. Lange & Söhne

Tie it up with a bow (or a scarf)

With your main pieces in place, state your personality proudly with a well-chosen accessory. For summer, Mr. Weitz directs us to a few key pieces: a linen pocket square, a lapel pin, or an airy summer scarf. Find what feels like yourself and wear it with confidence—as Andrew will tell you, confidence is the most important element of any man’s wardrobe.

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