Essential watch care tips

It’s summer, and we know you’ve been living it up out there (you have been, right?)…and we also know what that can mean for your wristwear. So while you’re out on the water, hitting the links, hiking, or just lounging by the pool, allow our chief watch technician to remind you of a few key tips on maintaining a perfect, high-performing timepiece…

Water and your watch

  • Please minimize your watch getting wet or being worn in water.
  • If your watch does get wet, please dry it immediately.
  • The crown of your watch should always be completely screwed shut, especially if the watch will be in or near water. And please never adjust the crown while in the water.
  • Leather is especially vulnerable to water damage, so please minimize exposure of any leather straps to moisture, even on a diving watch.
  • If your watch has been in salt water, please rinse it off with fresh water as soon as possible.

Winding your watch

  • Always take the watch off your wrist to wind it.
  • If you don’t wear your automatic watch everyday, or spend much of your time working at a desk, you may find that it has stopped. Wind the crown 20-30 spins until you feel resistance and the second hand starts moving.
  • The winding mechanism in an automatic watch is easily damaged, so please avoid over winding. When in doubt just contact us for assistance.


  • Please remove your watch while at the gym (being careful to store it securely) or during other vigorous physical activity.
  • Avoid leaving your watch near magnets, such as those found in speakers, televisions, and iPads.
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, spirits, or petroleum products to avoid damaging the seal, band, or case of the watch.
  • Handle your watch with extreme care; a simple drop can damage the parts inside it.
  • If you have any questions about the care or maintenance of your watch, please call, email, or visit our Concierge, who will be happy to resolve any issues you have.
  • Please treat your Eleven James watch as if it were your own…one day it may very well be!

Happy timekeeping, friends!

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