Dress Like You Mean Business and Business Booms

The clichés are aplenty—dress for the job you want, clothes make the man, yadda yadda yadda. But guess what? It’s science—like, officially. Several recent studies have been exploring the effect of personal style on perception, and the takeaways are clear: Dressing like you mean business not only enhances your own cognition and physiology (boosting self-confidence, raising testosterone), but makes a powerful impact on the people with whom you interact.

In one study researchers from the Yale School of Management had their subjects engage in mock negotiations in varying degrees of formal dress to study how the outcomes differed. The more formally dressed participants came out of the negotiations with greater profits, while the casually-attired made more concessions and felt less powerful.

Better business (and style!) through science

The study focuses on the concept of “sartorial symbols”—the garments and accessories people wear, from what they termed “lower class” (sweatpants and other artifacts of schlump) to “upper class” (business suits and the like). Few items are as sartorially symbolic of success as a high-quality timepiece. The proverbial “gold watch” is literally a metaphor for a trophy of achievement. That’s why we’ve created Eleven James for Business, an innovative and personalized corporate gifting and incentive program that enables any business team—and, of course, the business itself—to enjoy the powerful effects of A-game style.

We know that when you look like a million bucks, you feel like a million bucks, and science is here to prove that when that’s the case, the world is yours to conquer. Eleven James for Business makes it easy and fun for teams and individuals alike to crush their goals and look killer doing it.

“We wanted to provide our top employees with a reward where they’d feel empowered and motivated to reach their next sales target–something that felt uniquely special and personal. Eleven James truly provides that special experience and ultimate reward.”
– Christian Toraldo
Senior Vice President, Inspirato

What’s more, both the Yale study and another called “The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing” found that natty attire also enhances your “abstract cognitive processing”—the strategic, out-of-the-box thinking that drives business results and is associated with leaders and entrepreneurs. Which is to say, when you look and feel fly, you’re simply more boss.

Great news for both individuals and companies, because when employees look great and feel confident, performance levels surge, and so does business—making Eleven James for Business as on-the-money as an incentive program can get. More experiential, meaningful and personal than traditional rewards, businesses see unprecedented cost benefit, while recipients enjoy the professional benefits proven by science—along with all the other perks of Membership, like doting Concierge service, luxury partner offers, exclusive events, and a robust rewards program. Oh yeah, and a hundreds-deep collection of the world’s most exquisite watches, just waiting to be worn by you.

“Eleven James is the most creative corporate incentive concept I’ve seen. Our salespeople love the program, which keeps them motivated to hit their goals.”
– Mike Brairton
Area General Manager – PA, Audi of America

To get Eleven James for Business at work in your team, contact Eleven James to get started, or get more info here. And for some additional tips on how to put your style to work to maximize your personal and professional power, check out this video from WSJ:

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