CORE: Club is the New Definition of Membership

Step behind the curtain for a moment, won’t you?

We’d like to introduce you to our good friends at CORE: club. Founded in 2005 as the new frontier in private, luxury clubs, CORE: is a place for cultivated folks who savor both curation and participation. Imagine fusing the doting attention of a luxe hotel with a high-end home base fit for the club room gent and the living room loiterer alike, dunk it in a rich pageant of immersive engagements, and dust it with art, culture, and a community of curious minds. That’s CORE:, and you ought to be in this club.

If you invest in one private membership in your life (besides Eleven James, of course!), you’d be wise to make that investment in CORE: club. And it is an investment-with-a-capital-I, to be sure. But if CORE:’s celebrated dining, lush spa and salon, fully-equipped gym, concierge attention, and fringe benefits a-go-go aren’t enticing enough, the magnitude of business arrangements seated within the CORE: community positively ignites the air around it. This author was revved just lounging on the swank patio, the whiff of fine cigars and dealmaking arousing the senses as it drifted by.

Deviating proudly from the blueblood traditions of New York’s fabled social clubs, CORE: prides itself on bringing both business leaders and thought leaders into the mélange of its culture. The off-the-record dossier of CORE: society sweeps from the highest-profile politicos to the creative influencers that make New York buzz.

The world’s most notable—and, yes, wealthiest—executives are not just an obvious constituency but add vigorous dynamism to CORE:’s community. These aren’t just your Morgans and Rothschilds, but your Schmidts, Schwarzmans, and Clintons, too. And yet even within the club’s walls members’ names are uttered in hushed tones, so private is the nature of membership—and so valued is their access to the exclusivity of such a retreat.

Like Eleven James, CORE:’s real magic, however, is that takes a familiar category, beloved by an in-the-know class but largely unchanged by time, and shifts the model into a whole new perspective. An array of platforms to engage with this tony universe allows your personal CORE: experience to be as private or as interactive as you desire. Use it as a low-profile escape for an elegant meal, spa treatment, or quiet meeting…or engage with CORE:’s influential community in a full slate of inspired happenings, from sporting and music events to TED-style talks. Or, of course, dabble anywhere in between.

Their list of affinity partners includes all the names you hope it does—and more. From travel-easing services of Wheels Up and Leading Hotels of the World to the rich pleasures of TourGolf, Today’s Epicure, and McIntosh Laboratories. To boot, CORE: will even connect you with private clubs in other cities, so when you’re on the road you never have to disconnect from the feeling of total comfort and luxury.

So what’s the deal-sealer, you ask? Coming in the very near future, Eleven James members will be able to obtain insider access to CORE:’s exclusive event calendar, along with a generous welcome into the club’s highly selective member base. Stay tuned for more details, and contact our Concierge if you’d like to know more. In the meantime, scan your personal network for entrées to CORE: club, as member referrals are—per centuries of club tradition—the best way into this elite outfit. But we’re pretty sure you’re member material, so we’ll look forward to raising a glass when we see you there.

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