Comrades in Horology Unite at Red Bar

We’re big on camaraderie here at Eleven James, especially that of the always passionate watch-loving community. And nowhere is that communal passion more ardent—and more fun—than in the company of a Red Bar gathering.

Adam Craniotes (center) of Red Bar NYC
Adam Craniotes (center) of Red Bar NYC

In case you were wondering, Red Bar is a nationwide collective of watch enthusiasts who gather on a regular basis to drink, carouse, discuss matters horological, and show off the watches that get them all atingle. In an atmosphere as fun and welcoming as a gathering of your best friends, timepieces of every stripe are pooled on a communal table for the spirited examination of all. Some come equipped with their whole collections, to be displayed with the ceremony of a Wheel of Fortune reveal; others just want to gab about what’s on their wrist that day. Shared equally among all participants, though, is an abiding love of horology and a democratic appreciation for all types of timekeepers.

Born in 2007 at a Koreatown dive bar of the same name, Red Bar now boasts chapters and offshoots in Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, and Vancouver, in addition to the flagship New York crew. If you ask Red Bar’s founder (and our very own Watch Expert) Adam Craniotes, the only rule of Red Bar is to leave snobbery at the door. All watches are viewed with equal admiration, and everyone can learn from their fellow collector. So whether you dig a Rolex, a Patek, or a good old Casio G-Shock, there’s something for everyone on the table. That’s the Red Bar way.

A Red Bar spread

If this kind of spread gets you hot under the collar, you had better get yourself on the Red Bar mailing list. Contact Adam Craniotes for the inside scoop.

Photos courtesy of Fast Life Luxury & As the Watch Turns

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