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Here at Eleven James, we know (and we think you do, too) what membership should truly mean—access, service, and the ability to simply enjoy life’s privileges without sweating the details. If there’s one luxury membership club that gets this formula right, it’s Inspirato with American Express, the world’s largest and arguably most beloved luxury destination club. (A club which, by the way, has a very special—limited time!—offer for Eleven James members…read on to learn more.)

Inspirato Signature Residence, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Inspirato Signature Residence, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

With more than 350 residences in 100+ global destinations, Inspirato gives members the privilege of living it up in any corner of the world with nearly any size group sans the sturm und drang that normally accompanies vacation planning—particularly vacays of the family variety—all at covetable members-only rates. And dedicated trip planning, on-site concierge service, and unique VIP benefits are the impossibly rich icing on this membership cake.

Inspirato boasts hundreds of vacation choices that span this planet’s terrain, from Grand Cayman to Cape Cod, Bhutan to the Bahamas, Tuscany to Telluride—even the Golden Globes and the Grand Prix. For the ultra-discerning, Inspirato’s Signature Residences combine the space, comfort, and make-a-grown-man-swoon luxury of the world’s finest vacation homes with the nonpareil service of a five-star resort. Unlike typical third-party rental home brokers, Inspirato actually manages and controls each Signature Residence year-round for the exclusive use of its members. An average of $50,000 is invested into each home for furnishings, high-end electronics, and other goodies. Each home also includes a Destination Concierge and daily housekeeping—making homes that already average $3.6 million veritable beacons of luxe.

Inspirato Signature Residence, Nantucket, MA
Inspirato Signature Residence, Nantucket, MA

Adventure seekers will do their best Indiana Jones for Inspirato’s Signature Experiences. These enchanted global journeys range from a once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos voyage to a Moroccan odyssey that’ll alter all five senses forever. But never fear, bliss-seekers—these adventures are as luxury-laden as any other Inspirato experience, so you’ll never be unpampered, even on the back of a camel. And if it’s action happenings you seek, Inspirato’s Signature Ticket is a win for fans of unforgettable events like the Masters, Fashion Week, and Sundance.

To expand their offerings and serve a greater variety of travel needs, Inspirato launched Jaunt 52 in August, a weekly email for members featuring significantly rates for accommodations on specified dates. The drop-everything-and-go program is a thrill for the spontaneous and the budget-minded alike.

Inspirato Signature Residence, Vail, CO
Inspirato Signature Residence, Vail, Colorado

So whether you dig a far-flung adventure in the exotic wilds of nature, a high-profile VIP bash, a ski chalet for the entire fam, or a tropical villa fit for teeny-weeny bikinis, Inspirato will get you there. If you’ve got an army of extended family or you’re indulging in an Eat, Pray, Love-style walkabout, Inspirato will make you feel pampered to the hilt. And if you’re looking for the luxury of unwavering commitment to making each vacation extraordinary from start to finish, there is no other choice but Inspirato.

Hey, look—an offer! Eleven James members can receive a complimentary 7-night stay and pay no first-year annual membership fee* when they join Inspirato with American Express. Additional offers are available for American Express® Card Members. But act now—this offer expires on November 21st! Click here to get started.

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Featured at top: Inspirato Signature Residence in Punta de Mita, Mexico

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