10 Style Hacks to Ace Your Summer Look

Summer’s a hard season to keep up with if you want to have fun, feel great, smell fresh, and do it all with top-notch style. Here are 10 no-sweat tips to do summer like a boss.


1. Start chill: A daily cold shower is tad hard to get used to, but the benefits far outweigh the fleeting discomfort. Science (and some more science) suggests that the flood of endorphins triggered by the cold blast can help treat depression and increase your stress tolerance. It also improves circulation, tightens pores and cuticles (for healthier skin and hair), and increases your oxygen intake, heart rate, metabolic rate, and overall immunity. And not for nothing, but you’ll feel like a badass, and that power shot of confidence ain’t a bad way to start off your day.

2. Protect yo face: Soaking in the sun is just about the best feeling there is, but you owe it to your mug to ward off its damaging effects with a layer of youth-preserving protection. Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 will not only wake up your face with a cooling consistency and subtle beachy scent, but repairs damaged cells and protects against sun damage, all in a lightweight lotion that won’t feel greasy or goopy.

3. Summerize your scent: Everyone knows a great-smelling man is an irresistible property, but your signature scent may be a little heavy for summer. Switch it up for the season with a lighter, fresher scent. A few of our top picks include the cedar, citrusy, limited-edition Paul Smith Sunshine and Dolce & Gabbana’s sensual and sea-breezy Light Blue Swimming in Lipari.


4. Mind the basics: You’ll be wearing a lot of t-shirts for the next few months, so kindly set aside the gym rags and invest in a couple items from American Giant—maker of the internet-famous “greatest hoodie ever made,” now hawking simple, high-quality tees of the same distinction. Made of 100% cotton slug of perfectly proportioned texture and drape, this premium tee features top-notch needlework, deformity-resistant construction, a tailored fit, and a stock-up-worthy price tag.

5. Ditch those flip-flops. Please. Feet want to be free in the summer—to feel the cool of fresh grass, sand between the toes, and the blissful wash of a dive into the pool. But if you’re not on the deck of a sailboat or playing cornhole with a beer in your hand, you’d better get them hooves clad proper. We’re not going to dictate your style, but InsideHook has some suggestions you’d do well to consider. The world will thank you.

6. Stay fresh, head to toe: Perhaps you don’t think of laundry as a staple of your style game, but warding off summer funk is a daily responsibility. Do it right with eco-conscious, dude-friendly Hex Performance Advanced Single Dose Detergent, which preserves your favorite threads, leaving them with a scent that’s fresh but not overpowering (meaning your clothes are actually clean, not just perfumed).

7. Get in the shade: Fine details make all the difference in an advanced style pursuit, and a great pair of shades is the olive in your perfect style martini. You can’t go wrong with the a classic Persol 714—AKA the Steve McQueen model—which folds up conveniently and remains effortlessly cool. RETROSUPERFUTURE’s 49er is a slick take on a combo aviator/hornrim style that’s as hip as it is distinguished.


8. Get packing: There’s a “perfect weekender” practically around every corner, but we’ve found one that’s got a let up on the others. Rugged as a Herschel and Hook & Albert handsome, the 48 Hour Holdall by Swims is also…wait for it…water-resistant! So when those not-long-enough weekends leave scant time to deposit your bags before diving in the water, this dashing weekender can take a poolside splash and keep your stuff safe and dry.

9. Dopp like a pro: Traveling is a messy, disorganized affair without the tools to keep your stuff in order—especially stuff like shampoo, aftershave, and toothpaste. We don’t know what’s in your dopp kit, but we’d wager that it could use an upgrade. However you dopp, the brilliant minds at Gear Patrol have found the right kit for you. Because whether they’re in your bag or clustered around the guest room sink, when your stuff is in line, you’re freer to cut loose.

10. A simple pour to win the day: You may not wear your cocktail, but the drinks you pour speak to your personal style just as a well-cut suit. And when a labor-intensive mixology sesh harshes the vibe of your lazy summer day, thank the spirit gods for the surprising recent crop of high-quality pre-mixed cocktails. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t the margarita mix of your college days. Rather, ace distillers are whipping up small batches of top-shelf liquors, carefully blended for optimal taste, all for the sole purpose of making a great drink easier to procure. Try Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock & Rye for an easy-sippin’ Old Fashioned in a bottle or a refreshing Crafthouse Southside.

Now get out there and summer!

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